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Radio James Games 2024 Preview: Kaiju Kontrol

A new game from Radio James Games coming in 2024

I’m shy to talk about myself, so I’m not great at promoting my things, but, I am excited about the 2024 publishing slate for Radio James Games, so I’m trying to get the information out there while juggling the Kickstarter for Solo Martial Blues. This week we’re chatting about a truly dumb (hopefully in the best way) and wonderful game called Kaiju Kontrol. It’s zany. I smile whenever I think about it. And I hope you like it, too.

What is it?

Kaiju Kontrol. 1,000 giant battle Kaiju, all different, and scattered around the world, their keys left in the ignition and no note, only a scrawl on the Kaiju that kind of reads “Mike”. People from all walks of life touched them to become Kontrollers. Some took over their countries, some defend their country’s borders. All are at war with each other because only one Kaiju can beat another.

Kaiju Kontrol Cover Mockup
Kaiju Kontrol Cover Mockup

How is it different from all the other TTRPGs like it?

We’re living in something of a kaiju TTRPG renaissance right now, but most of them don’t seem to know what to do with having more than one player. Do we want a whole playgroup of kaiju to...go into a dungeon to fight monsters? No! At least not me.

I want a kaiju game that feels like a mid-century Japanese kaiju movie, and to do that the PCs have to spend time apart from each other. In fact, kaiju should rarely meet, because when they do, cities fall! Kaiju Kontrol has mechanics tailored to reinforce the genre conventions in the right direction.

Kaiju Kontrol Interior Pages
Kaiju Kontrol Interior Pages

Why did I do this thing?

Because I want to play out the thematic conventions of a mid-century Japanese kaiju movie, obviously. Who wouldn’t? If people are willing to indulge me in that, then wow. Great. Let’s do this!

What’s the plan, Stan?

Release digitally with a short and small Kickstarter planned for the POD copy, probably no more than $500 ask. Late year. I don't know if there's enough call for more than that. Do people want this? (You know, you could help by leaving a comment below.) Even if it's just for me, it's done, it's gonzo, and it's going out the door to be happily peddled across small conventions and yon Internet.

That’s the end of this series of previews. The other...4 books...for this year, I'm not done yet. We'll see if they get bumped to 2025. The next posts will probably be about Solo Martial Blues as it wraps up soon, but I’ll remind everyone that if you’re interested in coming on this oddball publishing journey with me, I do have a subscription model running on Patreon to get all these books at cost.

Thank you everyone, and good luck out there.

James Kerr

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