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F2S 3D Cover

Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart

Fight to Survive is a table-top roleplaying game that seeks to capture the spirit of 20th century martial arts action cinema, with all its sincerity and emotion. It is a mundane game about tough guys and ferocious gals in low-stakes adventures of down-to-earth urban try-and-die martial arts where most situations are violent and usually end in sadness.

Released: Q1 2023

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Fight to Survive Solo Play

Solo Martial Blues is a complete, stand-alone game of solo play that compliments Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart. Can you go the distance on the mean streets of The Battery in the 1950s? Try your luck, throw your hat in the ring, and fight, survive.

Released: Q2 2024

Anchor - Kaiju Kontrol

Mastering Giant Monsters, Nations, the World?

in Kaiju Kontrol1,000 giant battle Kaiju appeared one day, scattered around the world, with their keys left in their ignitions and no note. People from all walks of life touched them to become Kontrollers. Some took over their countries, some defended their country’s borders. All are at war with each other because only one Kaiju can beat another. What will you do with your Kaiju?

Expected Release: Middle of 2024

Anchor -PDS

A Splendid Evening of Games

Presenting The Psychic Danger Society, a table-top role-playing game of mystery, psychic prediction, community, and tea. Come, spend a little time in Beaumontcamp, a small town secretly protected by a group of community-minded ladies. As the Psychic Danger Society they keep their neighbours safe from any and all danger...even if that makes the danger worse, and more fantastic..

Expected Release: Middle of 2024

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Bettin Bullets Cover.png

Bet Your Life on the Bullets Themselves

Saddle up for the ride of your life! Bettin' Bullets is a tumbleweed of a TTRPG is about a generation of cowpokes in the small frontier town in the late 1800s, showing off and showing each other up, and rallying together to overcome dangers. Conflict resolution is all diceless—who needs dice? You've got bullets. You bet your life on the bullets themselves here in Bettin’ Bullets.

Expected Release: Middle of 2024

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Toybox Cover

Dreams of Infinite Playtime

Toybox is a table-top role-playing story-game of imaginary action figures. There are many fine games of fantasy space hero barbarians with blasters, and this does not try to be one of them. Instead, you play a kid, playing with a toy, imagining an episode of its heroic adventures.

Expected Release: Late 2024 or early 2025

The Last Space Opera Cover

Mythic Space of Tomorrow

A dream of space, from the final days of our universe. When the last of the noble Houses fight to keep the planets alive, the suns ignited, the void sewn together. It is The Last Space OperaCome, adventure beyond all imagination...

Expected Release 2025

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Radioland Cover Mockup

Role-playing Adventure

The pulp era never ended. It continues on a small island in the mid-Atlantic, a place of crime and adventure ruled by magazines, radio, and dreams. To Radioland, the most dangerous game....

Expected Release 2025.

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