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TTRPG Publishing House Looking for Freelance Artists (Paid Gig)

Fight to Survive: Role-playing Martial Arts Meets Heart is a heartbreaking, struggling, mundane, down-and-dirty table-top role-playing game about martial artists in the 20th century. It was successfully Kickstarted in April of 2022. Now, the sole artist has left the project for understandable and perfectly ordinary reasons, and I need to find someone(s) to fill the remaining art orders and get this book out the door.


The Kickstarter page for Fight to Survive is here:


The Order

I’m looking for two or three artists who will will draw and colour 10-15 pieces each, preferably in wildly differing styles that still compliment (or work well against) the style of the original artist.

I love working collaboratively with artists and value your input, but there are also very clear and laid-out guidelines for the art orders of this project, so you’ll have a lot to go on. Descriptions of the pieces are all written and ready, and reference material for each one is already collected. You can even see the laid-out pages of the book to know what it will look like when placed.


The layout already contains old photographs of martial artists mixed in with the art from the artist, so I will entertain any art style from you so long as it adheres to the scene descriptions (mostly figure drawing) and champions the attitude of the content. There is room for push-back on the descriptions, and I’m willing to adapt them to fit your strengths and style.


The aim is for a one to two month turn-around. The backers are getting restless!

Who You Are

  • Experience is not as important to me as passion, communication, and the ability to meet deadlines.

  • A diversity of voices is important to any project, and I very, very, much encourage applications from artists who might not normally associate themselves with the content and style of a game like this.

  • Canadian artists will be given preferable consideration for this, as we are a Canadian publishing company and trying to encourage opportunities for Canadians within the ttrpg industry.

Money Matters

With full monetary transparency, this project needs the following. All prices are $CAD.


  • x7 Full-page (digest 8.5” x 5.5”) art pieces, colour, at $100 each.

  • x10 Half pages, colour, at $50 each.

  • x13 Quarter pages, colour, at $25 each.


I understand these prices are low-ish, and sadly the budget is inflexible—that’s just the money left from the break-even Kickstarter, but timelines or colouring requirements can be wiggled with a mind towards the necessity of the collaborative attitude required by the publisher to get this book to press. Payment is half of total on contract signing and half on final delivery, ideally through interac e-transfer.


How To Apply

Please send a link to your portfolio and a letter of interest to publisher James Kerr at Depending on the volume of submissions I may not be able to respond to all—I am a publishing company of one—but rest assured if you have the tenacity to apply I’m sure your art is amazing, it’s just the case of finding the right fit on the project relative to other artists and their styles.

The deadline to submit is Wednesday November 30th, 2022.

Who We Are

Radio James Games is a new ttrpg publishing company and Fight to Survive is its first product. Its one staff person is James Kerr, myself, who worked for several years in the ttrpg industry under other publishers and juggles a long-standing day job in traditional magazine publishing. More information on Radio James Games can be found at

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